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Dota 2 Asia Championship — a bitter taste of celebration

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A month ago, news that HellRaisers would take 9th place, would be accepted rather with no surprise, but with considerable caution. Appetite, as it well known, comes with eating and current defeat to Rave team in the lower bracket of DAC 2015 was accepted by many as a personal tragedy.

No doubt, it is especially quickly getting used to good things. But if to put emotions aside and to look at ourselves objectively – even that result would be fair to consider as a payment in advance. In order to create a truly stable and versatile team it is still necessary to work hard. This is the main conclusion from a bitter, but really successful experience.

And the main success was that HellRaisers got to Shanghai at all. It just happened so, that beginning November, we practiced without days-off and participated in many online tournaments. Result – a row of prizes and permit to lan-final of Starladder.TV Season 11. Having gone on a holiday in mid-December, we came up on a surface two weeks later – exactly one day before qualifiers for DAC 2015, which were considered as a preparatory stage for the tournament in Kiev. But priorities changed quickly enough. Getting a chance to represent Europe on Chinese «mini-International», we opened for ourselves a new and exciting adventure. 

So, everything is very simple. In your team there are representatives of three countries, who gathered in Kiev at bootcamp before lan-finals of StarLadder, which has to start after four days. Time for getting a visa – 10 days and one of the players still does not have a traveling passport. In the e-mail box there is a message from DAC 2015 organizers: «Substitutions are strictly forbidden, you will be disqualified».

Everything literally hung by a thread, in case if in one episode of these fascinating series would appear a problem – we would stay at home. For this purpose, we suffered StarLadder, regular sleep and a bunch of gray hair.

The first time I had a quiet breath only in the empty bus, which drove our team from Shanghai airport to the Pullman hotel. Everything was behind, everything worked well.

Many words can be said about the tournament itself and our team evolution, but I will limit myself with just a humble fact of huge achievement. When in first days, after series of defeats, Когда в первые дни, после серии поражений, Ivan, Dulat, Artem, and two Andrews were not psychologically broken, but showed a strong character, overcame themselves and with full devotion approached the play, taking fifth place in the group among the strongest teams of the world.

This modest event left behind the scenes, fans hardly know about it, but such turning points build the team from a good material, expanding the horizons of its opportunities.  

Anyway, defeats will certainly take place. But we will do our best to make our victories covering everything, dear and beloved fans. I am sure we are capable to do that.

Valentin "valentiNich" Kravchenko