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Impressions of the first tournament with new team

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It all started when we gathered in Kyiv four days before the tournament, we wanted to practise a bit and find out in which shape we are and how far our plans may go. Bootcamp itself was quite productive, we discussed few maps, prepared them. Yes, we had no time to prepare against specific opponents, but we worked on some standard.

28 of January I flew to my first championship with my new team. First game was against German team PENTA. We were ready to face them, but they surprised us and won, though they were struggling. In my opinion, it was admin's fault, due to him we had been playing the first game for 2 hours. Well, that was a rough start, but we had to move forward. VP defeated Volgare, so, we had to face Hungarian. Match was quite interesting, even though we didn't consider them as a serious opponent.

Everybody thought that we would be playing against PENTA again to make it out of the group. But surprisingly, Germans won their game and we had to play against Virtus.Pro. Of course, I'm used to play against strong teams online, but I was nervous, I didn't want to leave this tournament without even passing group stage. Right before the game we found out that it would be de_inferno, pretty random map for us. I was worrying, however, I was ready to do my best and help the team. The game didn't start perfectly for us, however, we gathered up and took 9 rounds for defence. After losing pistols, our chances were quite low, but we managed to took eco-round, which destroyed Polaks' economy. They weren't able to recover, so we won 16:10 and got out of the group. It was a success for me: with a new squad, without serious preparations, we won such strong team as VP, even though it was bo1.

NiP, the most fearsome opponent in the whole tournament, were waiting for us in the semi-final. Frankly speaking, we didn't have any advantages and there was no sensation. We lost on the first map (de_dust2) 16:9, then we tried to fight on de_inferno, we even lead 4:0, however, Swedish personal skill was too high. Regrettable defeat, but we moved forward.

Match for the 3rd place wasn't that deciding, however, we wanted revenge, as Germans defeated us and, probably, didn't let us to finals. We played confidently, won two maps and placed third at the touenament. The very first championship in the new team brought me some positive emotions. Of course, we have to work on some mistakes, but I'm sure that there are only good moments waiting for us in future!

Your flamie 🙂