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Principal matches ahead!

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Report from Wargaming.net Golden League Season 3

Gaining momentum and point in the league, we are confidently approaching the culmination of online-part of the season! At last there remained matches with principal opponents. In three upcoming matches of the season we expect games with Arcade and Na`Vi teams.

On this week we will have to fight the very frightening opponent – Arcade. The team, pretty average performed in the last seasons, in this one shows excellent game, conceding only once (to Na`Vi). It is hard to say, that we do something special preparations to the match against Arcade — training are running in usual mode. However, we have to react somehow to the match: we watch last matches of Arcade, notice some errors and fails, which team allows and which could be useful for us.

From the point of view of rankings, this match is important for us as well as for Arcade, because from this match result depends who will proceed into the lan-finals directly and who will have o play qualifier games in order to get into the final stage of the season.

Concerning Na`Vi team. They are our principal opponents and fans are already got used to watch our battles in the finals. I think it will be spectacular and hot match!

Watch us on Saturday, on February, 28! We will try to please you with good game and, certainly, with victory. Your support is important for us!!!

Thanks for your kind attention,
Your’s sincerely, Aleksey «Bullkin» Zhiltsov, player of HR.WoT