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About the most memorable for me lan-tournaments

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My first outdoor tournament was back in 2005. I remembered it for the rest of my life. I was involved in team of my friends from Sevastopol, at that moment – Crimea top-1. We decided to visit Kiev at ASUS, the road made 18 hours one way. We arrived at 7 o’clock in Kiev and the first game played at 18:00, all that time we waited for eXplosive. Finally, we lost 16:1 and went home. It was single 🙁

But we did not confuse and after one year we visited Kiev again and took 5th place at good for that moment tournament CIS Planet-X. We overplayed good teams. Virtus.pro, forZe, rush3d, pro100 and us. Losing to pro100 in extra time, we took 5th place, then I revealed myself well and I was noticed by LMBT (a very good friend of mine)!

In 2009 I was invited to KerchNET team (it is my favorite team), we trained for only three months and attended my first tournament abroad — to Moscow for «Recruit». Then in our group was such team – mTw (top-1 of the world at that moment) and in the first day we played 15:15 against them (I remember this game for a long time). We overplayed such teams as: pro100, aTTax and many others. After that, we came home, began to practice more and won ASUS cup in Moscow! It was very prestigious then and prize money were given in cash.

But the most confusing tournament in my career was ASUS in Kiev. I was part of PING team (ANGE1, xaos, shara and craft1k) and we lost in the group to one Russian team, unknown at that moment. Finally, we could not get out of the group due to the lack of points. On the next day, play-off games took place and that team went back to Russia, they thought they also did not make it (the most confusing fact was that many friends from Kiev did not calls to say that we could play in play-offs).