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On a trip to the ESL One Katowice

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Hi everyone! I found some time to tell you a bit insider information about the trip to Katowice. So, let’s start! 

Rarely travels to tournaments from start to finish go smoothly. ESL One Katowice did not become an exclusion. Everything started quite quietly. All the things went according to our plan. However, one week before the flight Yegor Vasiliev (flamie) returning his passport from the Polish embassy found out that his visa will be valid only since the beginning of the tournament — March, 12. We have considered many variations of this problem’s solutions. Fortunately, the first matches of the group were scheduled for 16-20 CET. But the main difficulty was that direct flights to Katowice go only on Wednesday (March, 11) and Friday (March, 13). In case of flying with transfer, he would not be in time before the start of our matches. We hoped that he would fly with team and he could wait for March, 12, 00:00 in Katowice. By other turns of events were also seriously considered by us. We prepared all documents, confirming the participation in ESL One Katowice, additional hotel rooms and tickets were booked as well.

The day of the fight began. Because of organizers collected all gamers’ devices in advance, Yegor gave his weapons to teammates. We went to the airport. At departure, we were informed that airline company cannot allow the passengers’ departure, who have not valid visas. It threatens them with fines. It was a pity, because we discussed that situation with border control administration and the management of airline company. They answered that the passenger will have the permit for departure. But none said that the permission has to be also from the Polish side. Thus, Yegor could not go with us and he had to take a long trip. He went back to the base and after several hours, he already went to Lviv on a train, at almost eleven o’clock in the evening he had to go by the bus to Katowice. Upon his arrival to Lviv he found out that the bus was broken down. He had to wait the bus replacement for more than two hours and finally he hit the road.

The morning of March, 12. I got up as usual before anyone else. Before arrival of flamie remained just a little more than an hour, but nervousness did not allow sleeping. There were no messages during the night. We knew that he went out to the destination point, but anything could happen on his way. I tried to call Yegor, but his mobile phones were offline, as well as bus driver’s. Nervous anticipation lasted for long. Time was running out subtly. Despite the delay, appeared due to the bus beak down in the beginning of his journey, Yegor had to be already in the hotel. Neither transport company nor the central bus station administration gave us any information regarding that bus. My worries increased with each passing minute. It was almost 12 o’clock. Our first match against the Americans from CLG was scheduled for 16:20. Finally, Yegor appeared at the entrance of the hotel. We urgently fed him and put to bed. It was almost no time for rest. At 14:00 we were coming to Spoidek.

Matches started with delay. Only two maps and we left the tournament. It felt that guys could not find their game and to dictate the opponent our rules. In most important moments of the match on de_inferno against the Brazilian team ANGE1 had lags and it ruined team tactics. Two annoying defeats and we did not make it through the group stage. We were upset really much. But we will not give up. For now CS:GO is at very high level and requires constant development. 

I believe in our guys! They will sort out everything! What needed is time, patience and much of hard work. Go forward, HR!

Many thanks to all our fans, to those who support us online, to those who attend lans with our participation. We love you very much!

Cheer for HellRaisers!