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Concerning new update for CS:GO

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As we all well know, the new update from Valve came out yesterday. When I just saw that, I even rejoiced, because the main desription was: «Tec-9 nerfed in a big CS:GO update», but when I have read that post thoroughly and examined a full new thing — I was shocked. I thought: it might be a joke for the April, 1? But, not. I frankly do not know and do not understand why they touched AWP, while Scout remains the same…

Many players, who play with AWP, wrote me that they are going to use M4 and AK-47 instead, but after playing some dms and mms, I realized that it is not scary at all. Now, there will be some kind of balance, as it was in Counter Strike 1.6 – AWP players will dominate in defense, they will get convenient positions to shoot out the enemies, and AWPers for terrorists would have to come in two or three together to do frags.

But I am posistive, that it is not the end of AWP era, as some people say. We («AWPers») will show and prove that AWP is big time necessary and still remains a very important weapon for the team!

What do you think about that update?