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Arising to the surface: valentiNich concerning the team and important decisions

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Hi, all readers of hellraisers.gg! The revolutionary speech will be a bit later, now I will tell you about our current matters. Moreover, this is the right moment.

During last weeks many poured on us a lot "tubs of good ", but it is already left behind, therefore we can now share with «team's insides», without fear to be accused of attempts to justify ourselves.

It was getting dark. Friday evening, March 20. Central internet-tv is broadcasting match SFZ vs Cloud9, right after that is going to start game HellRaisers vs Vega. However, the battle of ArtStyle and EternalEnvy becomes a 5-hours long massacre, and up to the 190th minute, location visually reminded a square of million-people city after the rock-concert. Rapiers, gems, teleports, personal couriers for every player, several sets of cloth in stash etc. To complete the image it was lack of many school leavers, bathing in the fountain together with paratroopers, breathing alcohol nearby.

All that time we patiently were waiting for the moment and prepared for the match, without wishing to postpone it to any other day, thereby even harder complicating tournament schedule for ourselves. Despite that, several our players had 5 o'clock in the morning on their watches.
Nevertheless, we came to meet the team Vega, organizers and commentators.

All the following details could be omitted and discussed later, but.. If I mentioned some «insider info», I just will tell how we played that match. No emotions – just clear facts. I admit that earned advantage did not guarantee our victory, therefore speaking about 100% win is not possible, but anyways…
The first map — a reserve by experience is 15 000. DDoS, Artes goes on the street and runs to the friend's house nearby, while his character controlled by goddam and Dread in turn. After that his slide-show present receives Afonin. But if Artem managed to relogin into the game, Andrey could not return to it, because it was no place to run — local internet provider did not cope with flow of requests and sadly went to a deep trance, leaving  the district without network. Finally, economical Storm Spirit could not buy any items and watched his throne burning with 6k gold in a pocket.

The second map — advantage of 10k turns into the capitulation of SFZ on 20th minute, there was no DDoS this time.

The third map — graphs on gold and experience for us, reserve is about 10k. And what would you think? «Ding ding, hello, its your aunt» – this time suffers Gorec. A pause, immediate switching devices off, taxi, escape to the computer club, where, it is not a secret, all machines became outdated few years ago both morally, and physically. Meanwhile, other players through intrigues and shifts waged guerrilla war on deduction of a pause. It seemed that we might play this match till the end somehow, but our central player Afonin was attacked again. This time he was not dropped from the game, however, the only thing he could do, it is to sadly watch breaking static pictures on the monitor's screen. The mission of Andrey for the last minutes was to click-out needed items and to wait until teammate would drive his hero to the trade post for purchases.


After 15 minutes in such exiting format, more looking like a circus' performance, we gave up before we lost the first barracks – it has not happened with us for half a year at least.

Just after that — extremely emotional discussion inside the team: is it worth to fight against Cloud 9 in such stance?.. that match had to start after several minutes. I insisted that if we have any competitive chances — we have to fight. But, saying objectively, all of us were so upset by this three-days stress, that it was no even talks about optimal quality of the game.

Psychological stance and ability to concentrate play a major role in sports. Remember the final match between France and Brazil back in the FIFA World Cup 1998? During the whole tournament young "nibbler" Ronaldo demonstrated a phenomenal game and was a main hope of his team, but he "dissapeared" in the final match. He was present on the field physically, but there was no "soccer beast" anymore — in his eyes was seen a hopeless emptiness. According to one version of that matter, the neurosis caused by difficulties in Ronaldo's relations with his girlfriend. I do not mean the similarity to that, but… Be aware, comrades.


  • Protect yourself. Change your password from your VK.com account, finish all of your sessions on all used devices.
  • Do you use Skype? Do this by Feng Shui. Some helpful links: http://imgur.com/a/NpFdW (free of charge, but not reliable on maximum) & http://instant-skype-proxy.com (5$ per month).
  • Do not allow circumstances to knock you off track. Protect yourself, your coleagues/friends/subordinates from unnecessary information, be on your "own wave", ignore the outside world.

I will not consider the issue of bookmakers, because I clearly understand that the rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning. The truth, which does not tarnish of repeating. If you made a hole in the defense — it is you first, whom this fault belongs. It is everything clear with Internet-hyennas, earning money on bets with help of DDoS attacks and with bookmakers, who are concentrated only on dollar bills' counting. They are terribly interested in concervation of current state of events, and others have no matter to just a regular event. But match continuation in minority, which 95% guaranteed defeat is the thing that need tournament organizers and fans, adjusted to spectacular show?

Actually, some days later, we showed with our self example how do we see the variations to solve that problem. Certainly, this is not a panacea, but especially by our initiative, organizers several times postponed matches, where the opponent appeared in minority due to DDoS-attacks, and we had a free-of-charge, but «not well smelling» victory.

Yep, such things have a great importance to us, there is no posturing. As was a character of Brad Pitt saying in the "Moneyball" movie: "It is difficult not to be the romantic in baseball".


We withdrew the struggle in several key tournaments. It is a huge slap in the face of team's ambitions and fan's expectations. Let time stop for a moment. It is necessary to realize what happened, to make right conclusions and start preparations for April-May sprint. Especially in this period all teams will be eager to gain the maximum gaming shape in order either to reveal themselves and receive a direct invitations to The International or to be ready for qualifiers at 100%. And we still have qualifier for DreamHack Summer, as well as for DotaPit, D2CL and RedBull tournaments.

There are contradictions in any collective. Sometimes atmosphere is heated to such indicators, that without discharging, steam "pot" would just explode. Everyone has their own characters, britly shining at young and ambitious people. Frankly, we have had some ommisions. Because I am always together with players (both during official matches and training), I felt some silent creeping discontent and moral fatigue.

The two-week break would be an ideal comeout for current situation. This time was necessary in order for players to cool down and also for them to start missing each other. But we couldn't afford such luxury. For that particular reason on some tournaments we had to play with replacements.

Conclusions, which could be useful for you also:
  • Aknowledge your rights and oppinions of each other
  • Do not hise your dislikes and be honest
  • Find out an attitude of the other side to any issue and try to understand another point of view
  • Clearly define the issues in dispute and/or conflict
  • Actively seek for a common decision. Compromises — better than ultimatums
  • Finding a way out of the situation, steadily carry out the made decision
  • Be able to relieve the tension by politeness and humour

By the way I would like to stop for a minute and to allow thought: «What if I am wrong?» it is much more complicated than to swim against the flow, with a cargo of old habits, being afraid to look at them new way. To look and realize: are those habits needed or you are able to throw them overboard your life?

An excellent approach — to be ready to turn your opinion on 180 degrees, if you would be provided with facts, which would be proof of your point's of view infidelity. It is an evolution, which, as well known, better than revolution. Consistent progress in particular is a goal that we are pursuing.

From here flows the desire to keep the roster and to have a "long time work", not making reshuffles, feeling manic pleasure of finding in people failures in order to future professional definitions of guilty for all failures.

Sure, the luxure of steady roster can be allowed with only condition — if at each of players eyes burn and they are ready to "bite the ground" daily, step by step in order for the dream to come closer. I would like to see all that at my guys in the nearest months.

So, that's all, thanks for your kind attention and the most important – your team support. Ask your questions, I wil answer them in the coments to this post.

Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko
manager HR.Dota2