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Afoninje talks about The International 5

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Hello, dear friends. Here is Afoninje and both tiny and sincere blog about the main event of the year, which is about to begin in a few days. I am talking about The International 5 Qualifiers.

First of all, I want to answer the question I was recently asked. It is about our trip to America within RedBull Battle Grounds. The tournament turned to be unusually exiting due to the rather fun atmosphere. It seemed as though both the teams and organizers were just having a good time there. The only minus I can call was the bad weather. Especially annoying was "a nasty” wind. 

As about our play and the results, as well as the other teams, we were not ready for the new patch, so we had to try it out during the battles. Theoretical ideas were to be put into practice at once. Nonetheless we tried to demonstrate a good, aggressive play. We were doing our best, but unfortunately we had to play without ARTES. In addition to this, being in the US we didn’t have our favorite manager, whom we call “Batya” (that’s a colloquial Russian variant of “Dad”). 

Right now we are “hanging out” at the boot camp in Kiev. During almost a week we were working as hard as we could to get involved into the working rhythm and were focused only on the game. To be honest, sometimes we were arguing, but the positive atmosphere prevailed anyway. Furthermore, it is all trifles, since inside of everyone there is an anticipation of the big event, a feeling of the big work we have to get through together. 

We are going to do as good as we will be able, to get ready for the qualifiers. And, honestly, I decided to write this mini-blog only to thanks our dear fans and say that we will really need the support from you some of these days. Thy will be done! 🙂