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Coverage: Bets.net Masters: Season 1

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Bets.net Masters: Season 1 will run from 5-8 April, featuring eight teams fighting in a single-elimination bo3 format. The teams have already been seeded into the bracket. The total prize fund is $100,000.

Prize fund:

1st place — $50 000, slot in SL i-L StarSeries S5 ( HellRaisers)

2nd place — $20 000 ( North)

3rd place — $15 000 ( Fragsters)

4th place — $7000 ( Virtus.pro)

5th-6th place — $2500 ( Gambit,  GODSENT)

7th-8th place — $1500 ( Red Reserve,  forZe)


 HellRaisers [2:1] North @bo3 (16:14 @Cache, 6:16 @Overpass, 19:17 @Inferno)
 HellRaisers [2:0] North @bo3 (16:12 @Mirage, 16:5 @Cobblestone)
 HellRaisers [2:0]  Fragsters @bo3 (16:8 @Train, 16:12 @Overpass)
 HellRaisers [2:0]  Red Reserve @bo3 (16:1 @Overpass, 19:16 @Inferno)



 HellRaisers  Virtus.pro  Gambit   Red Reserve 
















 forZe  North  GODSENT  Fragsters









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