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Invitation to Dreamhack Summer 2014

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Therefore, I decided to write down something about the events inside the team and about changes that happened lately and what we are going to do. Let's start from the beginning.
First, I want to explain our long absence from the social networks and other online tournaments. The fact is that we decided to take a little break, so to speak to take a breath and gather thoughts, to think about our game in general and to find solutions to all problems. And also to preserve our nerves and give them time for recover.
Let’s say that the rest went to our benefit. We revealed the raw of important moments, which boosted our play. Now we renewed our trainings and we are practicing as it was in old good times. May be you will see some shifts in positions. We hope to get into an optimal shape for Dreamhack. In one week, I think we gather at bootcamp and will perfect the remained moments. And we go to battle!
Generally, just believe in us and support us in despite of anything and we will try to surprise you! We really need your support! I will not promise to win at Dreamhack, but it is our main goal anyway! We miss victories too much 🙂 
Good to all! Your Kazakh!