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Unexpected trip to Moscow

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That's why I can join the CS:GO and Dota2 teams in their journeys from time to time, during which I try to notice some things and tell curious readers about them.
Thursday's morning was planned in advance – due to the cold weather in Kyiv I was about to stay at home and resist my illness. But Vanya Artstyle mess everything up. He is now so brave that he even let himself to wake me up at noon. Not the nicest experience, however, it totally worth it, because suddenly I found out that we have less than 24 hours before our first games at Excellent Moscow Cup and our preparation hadn't even started: no tickets, no announcements, even horses are hungry. But it was deadly necessary, so we had no choice but to prepare.
First guy whom we told the news was Immune, who lives in Dnipropetrovsk. Duet from Kharkiv, ArtStyle and Dubas, hooked up with him quickly – Alexandr went to Kharkiv as fast as he could and our "triple-lane" reunited. Moreover, it's more convenient to travel with some company, our players are friendly and really open. Dread heard the news in the evening but we saw not a single emotion from him. He just asked about opponents and left majestically to eat his breakfast. What can you say – the lion still has claws. Hard-workin Yoku didn't react at all. We hope humbly that he at least knows that the tournament starts today. 
We're in Moscow already, got familiar with place, dropped our package in the hotel (some epic stories about this hotel are coming), spoke to some fans and now are preparing for the games.
By the way, we will play not only Excellent Moscow Cup, but StarLadder matches as well, right from here, Forum Hall. It is going to be a very hard day. Stay with us!