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The LEGENDS.BET L33T CUP will run online from January 14 to February 1. Ten European teams will compete for a $20,000 prize pool. The tournament will have several stages: the group stage, the Last Chance Phase, and the playoffs.

In the group stage, eight teams will be divided into two groups with double-elimination (GSL) best-of-three games. The best team in each group will advance to the playoffs, while teams finishing second and third will go to the Last Chance Phase where games will feature a double-elimination (GSL) best-of-three.format, as well. The top two teams will then advance o the playoffs.

The playoffs will have a single-elimination system with all matches being best-of-three, and the final one-  best-of-fiveHard Legion and Syman have received a direct invitation to the final stage of the tournament.

Prize Pool

  Place   Prize Team
          1                 $10,000
          2                 $5,000
          3-4                 $2,500



Group Stage

Group А

Team Games Won/Lost     Round Difference
1 HellRaisers                              3-0               40
2 Copenhagen Flames                              1-2                 4
3 Na’Vi Junior                              0-2              -25
4 Axis                              2-2              -19

Group B

Team Games Won/Lost     Round Difference
1 Wisła Kraków                              3-0              36
2 Skin Ogres                              2-2             -28
3 DreamEaters                              1-2                6
4 Nemiga Gaming                              0-2               –14

Last Chance Phase

   DreamEaters 0
   CPH Flames 2
   CPH Flames 2
   CPH Flames
   Na’Vi Junior 2
   Na’Vi Junior 0
   Skin Ogres 1
   Skin Ogres 0
   Skin Ogres 1
   Na’Vi Junior
   Na’Vi Junior 2



   HellRaisers    Hard Legion 1
   Na’Vi Junior 0    HellRaisers 2
   CPH Flames 2      Syman 0
   CPH Flames
   Wisła Kraków      CPH Flames 1