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ARTES and gorec leave HellRaisers

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After a short physical and mental rest, our Dota 2 team is ready to continue taking part in different tournaments. However, they will do it with a new roster. Due to various reasons  Ivan «gorec» Kartankov and  Artem «ARTES» Gorobey are to leave the team. We do appreciate their pains and we are sure that they will realize their potential in the future. Indeed, we are grateful to the organizations, we could constructively and in a businesslike manner make an arrangement about the transfers with. 

HR.Dota2 has a threesome now. Very soon we will inform you the names of our new soldiers.
 Valentin «valentiNich» Kravchenko has shared all his thoughts about the leaving that might be said right now: 

«As a team manager, I’ve never been a follower of any staff turnover due to some “unclear situations”. On the contrary, I consider an evolution to be better than a revolution. But, as it happens sometimes, internal conflicts like a time bomb exploded our team. It’s a pity that the team of promising, young and motivated players couldn’t realize even 60% of their potential. Unfortunately, this is a feature of the misleading youth: it seems as though the whole life were before you, that you could live without a care in the world. But until you lose something value, something you get used to – you will never learn to estimate it truly. It was a great and funny time. I still respect and love Ivan and Artem as my brothers and I do hope that they will be able to realize their potential in new teams and beginnings. As for HellRaisers, the hopes of our devoted fans are an inner engine for our team, so that’s why we will continue our way for new victories and top results.».

Current Lineup of HellRaisers Dota 2:

 Andrey «Dread» Golubev
 Andrey «Afoninje» Afonin
 Dulat «goddam» Seidimomyn

Cheer for HellRaisers!