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HR leave ESL One Cologne Qualifiers

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The ESL One Cologne qualifier stage for our team started on Sunday, July 26. Although the opening match turned out to be a wake-up call, it ended on the major note. 

 HellRaisers [19:17]  LGB eSports @overpass
(2:13, 13:2, 1:2, 3:0)

The beginning of the game was, mildly speaking, unsuccessful. Almost all beforehand prepared tactics wouldn't work. It might have been caused by the typical for most teams problem of rapid getting used to the tournament rhythm. The wake-up call was especially effective with the Capitan of HR, Kyrylo «ANGE1» Karasov. He was definitely at his best after the side switching. Having taken only two rounds on the attack side (2:13), HellRaisers didn't put down arms and continued to believe in the final result. At the score of 15:8, only the faithful fans could expect the victory, and our team did reward them — 15:15!

In the first series of the overtimes, our boys didn't manage to show the equal level of the confidence defense. They lost two first rounds and had to play the last one with only pistols in their hands, but the 1 v 2 clutch by ANGE1 saved the situation. The boys showed real HR on the terrorist side, having taken three unresponsive rounds, and thus set the final result of the meeting — 19:17! 

 Vladyslava Zakhliebina, the team manager's comment:

«LGB showed the unexcitable aggression on the CT side and demonstrated the very good shooting. In spite of the pause at the second half at the score of 0:8, our boys managed to take only two rounds. It seemed as though the match was lost. But HellRaisers never give up! They managed to bring to game to the overtimes and win this meeting. It is a very important victory for us. I do hope that this motivation will help us to get a sacred ticket to ESL One Cologne. Our next rival is the Polish five eBettle. Cheer for HellRaisers!»

 Rustem «Mou» Telepov's comment the social network:

«In the tough fight, our Capitan led us to the overtimes! 😉 And we are winning! Keep moving.»

 Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev's comment the social network:

«What a comeback has just happened! GGWP. We are going on, and I'm gonna eat something…»

The second rival for our boys turned out to be the Polish team eBettle. And if the first meeting was a cold shower, this one was a hot one. 

 HellRaisers [14:16]  eBettle @overpass


Having started rather magnificently with a series of won rounds on the terrorist side (the de_overpass team). HellRaisers  gained confidence and managed to make the 10:3 score. However, the last two rounds at the first half were taken by the noblemen. Who knew that they would play a decisive role.   

Having won the pistol random rush to B, eBettle laid the basis for the comeback. Bit by bit they were taking rounds and improving their economy. The score was equal, 13:13, but HellRaisers didn't manage to stop the winning advance of peet and Co, who got to the zone and found the needed  speed of the game. Although the first match point was for HellRaisers, the second one wasn't taken by our boys — 14:16. 

 HellRaisers [16:9]  Gamers2 @cache


The games, in which HellRaisers mustn't make a mistake, have begun. At the lower bracket HellRaisers have faced off against one more representative of the Polish CS:GO stage — G2. The meeting ran on de_cache, whereon our five managed to show the effectiveness on the terrorist side, which was close to be called perfect. ANGE1 and Co took 13 rounds on the attack side, and the Kazakhstani squad of HellRaisers, AdreN and mou, was definitely at its best in the most important situations.  

After the side switching, the lost pistol round gave a chance to the Poles for comeback. They were slowly approaching our team, but the well-timed changing of the game style to more aggressive did work. The final result of the meeting is 16:9 in a favor of HellRaisers.  

 Rustem «Mou» Telepov's comment from the social network:

«GGWP.16:9! Waiting for LGB/k1ck. We have to brace up:)»

 Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev's comment from the social network:

«It was a good attack from us on cache. GG. The next game will be against lgb/kick… Keep waiting, remain on edge!»

  HellRaisers [7:16]  LGB eSports @inferno

The Norwegians from LGB have left our team in a footstep away from the match for the quota. During the map picking, they crossed out de_overpass in the first turn, on which the teams had been playing earlier in the morning. As s result, de_inferno was chosen: the map, which our boys had been working hard after the roster changes.  

In the first half we saw the game, which completely depended on clutch rounds. The game element, which HellRaisers were thought to be strong in, didn't help the team this time. The Norwegians won all important moments and thus formed a huge advantage — 2:13. Afther the side switching, the first five rounds were taken by our boys, but when the Scandinavians bought everything they needed, they forced HellRaisers down. The final result is 7:16.

It was the second defeat for HellRaisers within the qualifiers. As a result, they have lost the last chance to reach ESL One Cologne. The boys are upset and emotions are beyond words. But it is not the end, and there are no victories without losses. There will be many tournament, in which we will see our boys as winners!  

 Rustem «Mou» Telepov's comment the social network:

«BG. We are losing and leaving the tournament»

 Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev's comment the social network:

«I have no words. I'm distressed. F%k that»

 Kirill «ANGE1» Karasyov's comment after the match:

«It is an awful result. And, to be honest, the condition does match it. Everyone understands what consequences it has. I will just say that it can't go like this any longer. If we don't reach at least the top2 at Acer Predator Masters, I will probably cardinally change something in my life».

Cheer for HellRaisers!