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HellRaisers Dota 2 Signed Two Recruits

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Having failed the qualifiers for the International tournament HellRaisers took a long vacation. Having returned, our team started looking for two new players, who could take the place of those, who had left our forces. 

Today the HellRaisers team is proud to announce that a new Dota 2 team with Daniil «MeTTpuM» Gileev and Maksim «Shachlo» Abramovsky. The organization, fans and the management put big hopes upon these boys and that together with two new players, HR will get back into the number of the strongest team in the world. 

 Daniil «MeTTpuM» Gileev, HR.Dota2's comment:

«The main goals are Napoleonic. If we talk about the short-range plans, they are to take the top places at some LANs, get the experience there and as a result reach the major tournament. The relationships in the team are good, there is nothing to complain about. I want to believe that it will go this way in the future. We have a combative mood and we are motivated for 200%. I will play, destroy wards, slow down and stun enemies. In general I will say that I'm here, in this team, for a reason and I will do my best to give my 20% for a victory!».

 Maksim «Shachlo» Abramovskikh, HR.Dota2's comment:

«The number one goal at the moment is, obviously, the autumn major tournament. To reach it, I, as well as the team, will have to work hard. Luckily after a half of a year break from the competitive Dota the motivation to win everything is running very high. I'm very happy to join this friendly team and I hope that I will not fail the boys».

 Maksim Bernadsky, the general manager of HellRaisers' comment:

«Our organization counts on the perspective players. The boys from the new roster are to prove everyone that they deserve to play at the top level. The organization in its turn will do its best to let players come to the official matches with thoughts only about the game. Cheer for HellRaisers!».

The transfer window in Dota 2 is coming to the end. An endless number of different tournaments and qualifiers for the first major, which our team will definitely take part in, will start very soon. 

 New HellRaisers.Dota2 roster:

 Andrey «Dread» Golubev
 Andrey «Afoninje» Afonin
 Dulat «goddam» Seidimomyn
 Daniil «MeTTpuM» Gileev
 Maksim «Shachlo» Abramovskikh

Cheer for HellRaisers!