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HR.CSGO Played in a Draw Against KILLERFISH

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 HellRaisers [1:1]  KILLERFISH @bo2
9:16 @cobblestone, 16:12 @cache

Our team was playing the opening match of the second season of APM against one of the most ambitious German teams. The game of such teams is built with a teamwork and intuitive understanding of each other. If the Germans get to the zone in terms of the shooting, it is almost impossible to stop them.

The problems with entering the game were following HellRaisers on the first map. Having started on the attack side, which after the update of this map has, obviously, become the strongest one, HR lost too many clutch rounds, that resulted in the lost first half. The boys didn't manage to fix the situation after the side switching either — 9:16.

However, our team felt much more confident on de_cache. Almost all attacks would end successfully thanks to the faultless aim and cold blood in clutch rounds. Traditionally, s1mple was at his best, who just about all rounds would distinguish himself in action. It is noteworthy that KILLERFISH, having taken only three rounds on the counter-terrorist side, didn't throw in the towel. They managed to make a good try to get back to the game, but turned out to be weaker — 16:12.

 Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, the coach of the team's comment:

«We played in a draw with a middling rival due to some kind of limpness and overconfidence. In addition, we almost lost the second map. It is good that KILLERFISH reminded people that in current CS you can't let yourself make some things».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!