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STYKO: HellRaisers is What I Have Been Looking For

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We've interviewed a new player of our team, STYKO. He's told about his thought on his favorite game.

— Hello, STYKO. To begin with, could you tell our readers about yourself? How long have you been playing CS and why did you chose it?

— Hello I am Martin «STYKO» Styk, a player of the HellRaisers CS:GO team, and I am a 19 years old guy from Slovakia. I have been playing CS 1.6 for about 5 years at the low level and CS:GO since the beta release at a bit higher level. Now I am battling with top players with my team.

— Many people are wondering how you've got into the HellRaisers team. Weren't you afraid of playing with people, who spoke another language?

— I got an offer from LMBT to join HellRaisers after their conversations with oskar. He wanted me to join the team and after some thinking the coach of HR decided to give me a chance. Everything started to click after a few days and there were a lot of improvements in a short amount of time, so we stuck with the same lineup and played together. I was not afraid of other language in the game. I had had some offers from Russian-speaking teams before and I tried to learn as much as possible to not be in disadvantage during the game. That and a great attitude of kucher, angel and LMBT helped me and oskar a lot on this matter.

— Was it easy to switch to CS:GO? How different is the Global Offensive gameplay from the Source and 1.6 one?

— It was not that hard for me. I kept reading those comments how CS:GO would never get big and proplayers would just retire but I personally liked it. I played it with GuardiaN a bit and we decided to give it a try. Game has changed since then but I love it more and more despite small flaws that the game has.

— A lot of new weapons have appeared with the CS:GO release, for example M4A4 and CZ75. What do you think, are these innovations justified?

— I simply like this. In previous CS there was really nothing innovative in terms of guns. We saw maybe 10 guns in competitive games  in total. Now we can see anything from a range of the cheap P250 to the powerful auto sniper every game. You have to think what gun you face off against, and that increases the skill cap for everyone. And that is something we need in this game.

— What is your favorite weapon? Leaving out the A4 and m4, of course. For example, what pistol do you like playing most and why?

— This is pretty straight forward. I would say it is Deagle from a pistols option because of oneshots. MP7 from a SMG option because of being a great farmgun. Probably the galil/famas (leaving AK47/M4 and AWP) from a Rifles option.

— Valve easily change maps. How do you like the updated versions of de_train and de_cobblestonе? 

— For me it is great that Valve add a lot of new maps. I would not mind having 10 maps in rotation. The higher amount of maps the higher skill cap there will be in the game. As I said, that can only help the competitive game. Cobblestone is an awesome map, probably one of my favourites. Train is map I never really liked because of lack of wallbangs in CS:GO but that can change anytime and I will like it more, hopefully.

— In general, what map do you like playing most and why? What was your first map in this game?

—  As I said, I like cobblestone, then it is overpass, cache, season. I like the structure of those maps. I think the very first map I played was dust2. Obviously every server ran dust2 in beta days so that is why.

How much time do you allocate for training? What exactly do you practice and consider as the most important thing in the game?

— I practice individually around 30 minutes every day and 1 hour if we have important official matches. I need a warmup if I want to play well. I just can't 
play without it. I usually play a DeathMatch mode, or aim maps with bots, or just simply surf on surf maps. I discovered a basebuilder mode a few weeks ago and it showed me funny alternatives to get warmed up. For me it is always important to stay calm and have fun. That is what I try to practice — Have fun!!!

— What is the most important aspect of a team? Is it the atmosphere or game level?

— It is a mix of both I think. You can not have a great team when teammates are constantly fighting but on the other hand you can not have a great team while everyone is joking around and having too much fun because you play with your close friends. You have to find that golden middle pathway.

— Let our readers find our more about you — recall a few of your best games.

— I am a huge hipster in this kind of matter. I always loved singleplayer games and I always hated shooter games, yet I am a pro player in CS:GO. I loved RPG singleplayers or middle age simulators or roguelike games and what not. Some of the most known are obviously Skyrim, Oblivion. Some of those simulators are The Guild 2 : Renaissance or Europa 1400: The Guild. I like Faster Than Light, This War of Mine, Don't Starve as roguelike games.

— How good is esport developed in your country?

— It used to be an unknown term in CZ/SK Scene but now it is showing its potential. We have more viewers, more tournaments and it is leading into the right direction. In a few years it will be under skin of regular people and they will have a clue of what this e-sport is about. But we will have to wait and time will show what it will bring to our community.

 Do you know any teams from Slovakia, that plays at the high level and have the future?

— I honestly don't think anyone can go international from our scene. That is why I gave up and tried to look for international team for a some time. HellRaisers are finally something I have been looking for.

— Name three new strong players from your homeland and tell about them a bit.

— I can name only "young" players, they are not really new. Obviously there are my ex-teammates Zero and queztone who are both young but that is about it. I never saw potential in any young player in my country so I will have to stick with just 2 names. Sorry.

— And ultimately, you've already been to Ukraine together with oskar. What is your impressions of the country? 

— It was my first trip to Ukraine and I have to say Kiev is full of contrasts. On the one hand a beautiful and modern airport with signs of wealth and on 
the other the entrance to Kiev made me think the city's got stuck in the past. Obviously I have seen only a little part of the city, I bet there are a lot 
of modern parts as well. I just haven't got a chance to see them yet. I hope I can visit more of them on my next trip! 

— Thanks for your answers, Martin. We wish you luck, success and of course tidy shots. Will you say a few words to your fans?

— Thank you as well, it was great to answer your questions. I wish you had more of them! I want to thank everybody who stands behind us in tough times and also those who cheer for us every time we play. Also thank sponsors such as ASUS ROG, TwitchCSGOSkinny and Kiev Cyberarena. See you!