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Changes in HellRaisers roster

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kUcheR started his path in HellRaisers two years ago. Then, in March, besides Emil the ranks of the teams was joined by ANGE1, AdreN, Dosia and markeloff, who had been playing under tag Astana Dragons before. Since then the roster of the team has changed in a big way — now the banners of HellRaisers are protected by three Europeans, one of whom is a stand-in. During the whole gaming path Emil faced many obstacles, to overcome which sometimes was really difficult, but he always managed to do so. The last tournament of kUcheR on HellRaisers was the LAN qualifier for MLG Columbus Major, where the team was defeated by Team Liquid in the final match for the slot, having ended the bo3 series with a 1:2 score.

From now on HellRaisers and Emil «kUcheR» Ahundov will go different roads. The reason of that is simple — the end of the contract validity period. We wish Emil further success in his professional career, since a player with such a bundle of knowledge will be a real catch for any CIS team.

Highlight with Emil «kUcheR» Ahundov:


 Emil «kUcheR» Ahundov's comment:

«It's a pity to leave HellRaisers, since they were my second family. The organization offered me to take a break, having decided to try out a young player. I said that I did not want to be on the hook and left the team. I will continue to play and will try to find a new team. Thanks to everyone, who supported and cheered for me!»

 Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, the team's coach's comment:

«I've known Emil since 2005, which isn't a small period. Our roads and career entwined in 2009, and it's been a while since then, there were many different teams and roles, but we always supported each other as friends, and it is really a pity that we have to go different roads again. Probably, our paths will entwine again some day. I want to give my thanks to my friend for everything he did for the team and myself. I want to wish him further success in any beginnings. Thanks you, Emil!»

Current lineup of HellRaisers.CS:GO:

  •  Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev
  •  Tomáš «oskar» Šťastný
  •  Martin «STYKO» Styk
  •  Patrik «Zero» Žúdel (stand-in)
  •  Sergey «smike» Skliarenko (stand-in)

Cheer for HellRaisers!