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HellRaisers freeze Dota 2 roster

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Since Andrey «Dread» Golubed, who played carry, left the team, the black streak had started for our Dota 2 team, which was impossible to break during quite a long period of time. Since then many well-known players had played under the banners of HellRaisers, but it did not bring the targeted results — the team did not manage to qualify for the past Shanghai Major, and also was defeated in other small tournaments. We can mention only the tournament called D2CL Christmas Charity Magic, where HellRaisers took the second place, having lost to the Russian Virtus.pro team in the grand final with a 0:3 score in the series.

From now on organization HellRaisers take a pause in performance within professional Dota 2 scene, though it doesn't mean that in the future you will not see players of HellRaisers in the well-liked MOBA game by Valve. We wish the former players of the roster further success in their esports career, since it is only a matter of time to achieve a goal, when the target is already set.

Former player of HellRaisers,  Dulat «goddam» Seydimomyn's comment:

«When a few months ago I was invited into other well-known teams, I, of course, started to think about switching — because of money and perspective, but I found my will to win a tournament with HellRaisers more important. For Valentin (the former manager of the team — editorial comment) and for all those, who believed in us. It's a pity that we did not manage to show ourselves under the banners of HR».

  Maxim Bednarsky​, the general manager of HellRaisers, has commented:

«It happened so that our players did not meet the targets, and it led to such a result. We've decided not to prolong the contracts and set a pause for our Dota 2 roster. In the name of the entire organization I wish the former players of HellRaisers to achieve esports summits and join the list of the best Dota 2 professional players».

Former lineup of HellRaisers.Dota:

  •  Andrey «Afoninje» Afonin
  •  Maksim «Shachlo» Abramovskikh
  •  Dulat «goddam» Seydimomyn
  •  Ivan «Ubah» Kapustin (stand-in)