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HellRaisers brought CS:GO roster up to full strength

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From now on the roster of HellRaisers. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is completed. The fifth player of our team will be 22 year old Ukrainian Vladislav «bondik» Nechiporchuk, who used to play for team Flipsid3 Tactics for a year and two months.

Vladislav Nechiporchuk started to play professionally in 2014 on dAT Team, the roster of which, eventually, began to change and include such players as Blad3, WorldEdit, s1mple and markeloff. Exactly these players together with Vladislav switched to the banners of Flipsid3 Tactics on 1 February 2015, having become one of the best team in the CIS region. The Ukrainian team of the American organization managed to make it into the Major tournament powered by Valve five times, though they never got out from the groups there.

HellRaisers have been negotiating with Vladislav for quite a long time, and today we are pleased to announce that the contract between this player and the organization has been signed. HellRaisers for the first time in recent four months have no stand-ins in their roster, which encourages optimism to our dear fans, since there are very important tournaments ahead, the most important of which is, of course, DreamHack European Minor and its following stages.


 New player of team HellRaisers 
  Vladislav «bondik» Nechiporchuk's comment:

«Frankly speaking, I've been thinking about changing the setting more than once, since the previous one didn't really satisfy me. Now, I'm very glad to be in the team that is seriously aimed at progressing and achieving the targeted goals, as well as I do. So I'm thankful that my new home is HellRaisers. I would also like to address to the fans and ask them to support not only me, but also my new team as warmly as they did before. Thanks to everyone, again. The only thing I'd like to add is that I am ready to do my best on behalf of this goal and only the best results! Peace, see you later!»


 Coach of team HellRaisers  Sergey «LMBT»  Bezhanov's comment:

«I hope that with the advent of Vladislav, our team will acquire stability and will finally step over such a formidable barrier. I am also very grateful to queztone for being with us all this time and for staying until the end of the tournaments, which he's to play out. However, today you will be able to see our new player in official matches, too».



 General manager of HellRaisers 

 Maxim Bednarsky​'s comment:

«I hope that this transfer will be appreciated by the fans of CS:GO. After playing with stand-ins during four months, the roster of HellRaisers is finally completed and ready to give battle to the top level teams. Indeed, Vlad himself will please us with his game today in very important matches. Cheer for HellRaisers!»


New lineups of HellRaisers.CS:GO

  •  Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev
  •  Vladislav «bondik» Nechiporchuk
  •  Tomáš «oskar» Šťastný 
  •  Martin «STYKO» Styk
  •  Patrik «Zero» Žúdel

Right now Vladislav «bondik» Nechiporchuk did an interview on his Periscope channel, on which he told a lot of interesting information about his transfer into team HellRaisers.

You will be able to see the first games of the completed roster of HellRaisers even today! Follow our website and social networks to stay tuned!

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Cheer for HellRaisers!