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Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov is new sports director of HellRaisers

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Today we're pleased to announce that Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov has joined Ami and LMBT on the coaching field. Our team is to compete for new height, for which we still need to work hard. Ivan Shevtsos will take a position of the sports director. And today he's answered the questions giving the idea of what he'll be doing on the team. You shouldn't miss that for sure!

It's noteworthy that today it is Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov's birthday, so we want to congratulate him and wish a further success and flying growth both in esport in general and his career in HellRaisers. And now, hurry up to check out the interview!

When and hiw did you professional career start?
 I came back in CS:GO after a five-year break in April 2015, and I immediately started to work with Flipsid3. Before this there had been a long story beginning from 1999 and running until 2010, when I was the captain of dts.chatrix, HellRaisers, KerchNET and other less known teams.

Tell us about your history on team HellRaisers.
Johnta: HellRaisers is one of the oldest clans in Ukraine, which was founded in my home Dnipropetrovsk. When I was a young player, it was something really special to make it into this team. In 2006 I was its captain. After that we started to fight our way through to the Ukrainian top. ANGE1 joined us in 2008, and after a short while we began to appear within the international arena. It was such a pleasure to understand that this very tag was known thanks to your efforts.

When did you end your gaming career and why?
Johnta: I saw that the CS 1.6 scene was called off, so I was gradually turning my back on it. I really didn't like how the players treated the game and at some point I decided to leave CS, having coached young players for the last. I wanted to improve their level, share my experience and knowledge. By the way, at the time I got to know bondik, whom I took on my team and taught a lot.

How and why did you decide to switch to coaching and analytic staff?
Johnta: A year ago I started to follow CS:GO more actively. I saw then that the teams got coaches. I thought I could be a good coach, considering my experience from CS 1.6 and acquirements out of esport. When I was in Krakow, I was watching the Major in Katowice, where there was Yegor Markelov from F3. We made an appointment, and I learned different moments about their team. After that we decided to try this out — that's how I got into CS:GO. After 9 months of work with Flipsid3 Tactics I decided to leave the team due to some reasons. I wanted to work with the players willing to improve. I chose the Arcade.gg team, then Worst Players. I think my experience helps players become better and progress. Having left F3, I started to develop myself as a coach, and I'm glad I did so.

What will you be responsible for on HellRaisers?
Johnta: On HellRaisers I will be the sports director of the club, the primary focus of which is CS:GO. I will create there a system of the team's practice, will tune up the most productive work of the coaching staff and will encourage growth of the team's results. Alongside this I'll coach the roster of Worst Players and some players individually. I'm very glad to be a part of a home team and work in such an excellent collective. I'm sure everything is still ahead for HR. CS:GO! Also, subscribe to my social networks to stay tuned: VkontakteTwitter.

  General manager of HellRaisers 

 Maxim Bednarsky​'s comment:

«I'm sure that our fans will appreciate the striving of our team to become the best in the world! And today a new expert intended to organize the workflow has joined our ranks. I'm also sure that together with Ivan our team will climb new heights, and hopefully, we'll see the results of the work as soon as at the upcoming Major tournament».




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