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Sergey «LMBT» Bezhanov leaves HellRaisers

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After a unsatisfying performance of the team at the past tournament called ESL One: Cologne 2016 Qualifier, the management of the team has decided to make some staff reshuffle. Thus, from today on HellRaisers and team's coach Sergey «LMBT» Bezhanov will go different roads.

Sergey Bezhanov has been on the team more than a year. He's been doing a very important task such as preparing the team for each tournament or official match. It's noteworthy that LMBT led not only the current roster with ANGE1, bondik, oskar, STYKO and Zero, but the ones with only CIS players, too. During that period the team had lots of ups and downs, but the last results, unfortunately, caused such changes.

On behalf of the entire organization we want to thank LMBT for the time he's been on the team and experience the team has gained with him. We wish Sergey Bezhanov to find a new team, together with which he'll manage to achieve new heights and will propel them to a next level. Thank you, Sergey!

 Former coach of team HellRaisers  Sergey «LMBT»  Bezhanov:

«I want to give thanks to the team for good work during this period and also to all the players who have experienced all these ups and downs such as kUcheR, mou, AdreN, s1mple, Dosia, ANGE1, queztone, STYKO, oskar, Zero and bondik, and wish the guys find a nerve to move on with new ideas and achieve the best results possible. It wasn't an easy year, which gave me a lot of life experience. Go, HR!»


Let us notice that no other changes on the team are planned. The guys are ready to work and get better. Matches within DreamHack Summer 2016 are coming, and so is a new season of ESL Pro League.

Cheer for HellRaisers!