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oskar becomes inactive

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Unfortunately, today we have to announce changes coming for the team. Tomáš «oskar»" Šťastný becomes inactive and won't play for HellRaisers until the end of his contract.

Having found himself under the pressure of another organization a half-year ago, Tomáš Šťastný signed a forward contract. HellRaisers, naturally, didn't want to let the player go to another team ahead of terms specified in the contract. Thus, during the last six months, the team was under the pressure of the fact that Tomáš would leave the team come what may.

 General manager of HellRaisers 

 Maxim Bednarsky​'s comment:

«Thanks to Tomáš for the time he's been on HellRaisers. I hope he will succeed in his future esports career. oskar will remain on the team as a streamer until the end of his contract. Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsov, the acting coach of team HellRaisers, will be the one looking for a fifth player.»



Highlights with Tomáš «oskar» Šťastný:


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