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HellRaisers reveal roster for new season

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So, we hasten to let you, dear fans, know that captain and in game leader of HellRaisers Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev has signed an advance contract, under which he will play for HellRaisers until the end of 2017. It's a pleasure to see how the team has been gaining momentum recently. And now, when the coach role during matches is considerably decreased, a big responsibility laying on Kirill doesn't affect his individual play. It's an honor and pleasure to have one of the most experienced CIS captains in our ranks.

But such a pleasant news is only a beginning! Today we announce that we're signing the fifth player. The sniper of our team is now young Hungarian player Bence «Deadfox» Böröcz. It didn't take DeadFox a lot of time to blend into the team, and since he did, he's been showing decent results. Thanks to him our five is showing great performance within the biggest league, EPL Season 4. It's noteworthy that HellRaisers continue fighting for reaching the final stage of the tournament taking place in São Paulo, Brazil.

Finally, our five is complete and we're able to fully focus on work. Let's wish our players luck!

Roster of  HellRaisers.CS:GO:

  •  Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev (captain)
  •  Vladislav «bondik» Nechiporchuk
  •  Martin «STYKO» Styk
  •  Patrik «Zero» Žúdel
  •  Bence «Deadfox» Böröcz

 General manager of HellRaisers  Maxim Bednarsky:

«The latest results have shown that our team doesn't depend on individual performance of certain players. The team is progressing and is ready for new challenges. Today we've signed the very promising sniper who has blended into the team right from the first games of the new roster. Communication problems are behind now and we are finally able to please our fans with a more stable play at the highest level. I'd also want to mention the prolongation of the contract with our team's leader Kirill Karasiev. Kirill is one of the best IGL in the world, and with the new strength we're entering a new age of HellRaisers. Cheer for HR!»



 Captain of team HellRaisers  Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev:

«I'm glad to inform that I've decided to prolong my cooperation with HR for at least a year. I had a few really interesting offers, but I've made a decision in favor of our roster. I do believe in each of the guys, and I'm sure that together we will achieve great results. Our goal is to build a battle-worthy T1-T2 team (not only to take part in the major). I have returned to the captain role, and I'm sure that with the team's support and Johnta we'll achieve the target goal».


 Player of team HellRaisers  Bence «Deadfox» Böröcz:

«I'm happy to be part of this team. They are hard-working people, which I like the most about them. I have high hopes that we will succeed on the upcoming events and I'm looking forward to it».


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Cheer for HellRaisers!