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Fantastic Five: The most promising CS:GO players

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Denis «Electronic» Sharapov, 18, Russia

Team FlipSid3 Tactics

Rating: 1,09 (41 maps within the last 3 months)

Achievements: 15-16 place at ELEAGUE Major 2017, 1 place at Dreamhack Leipzig 2017, 2 place at WESG 2016 EU Finals, 2 place at Adrenaline Cyber League, 2nd places at CIS Minor Cologne 2016 and CIS Minor Columbus 2016.

Denis has been playing for FlipSid3 Tactics since September 2016. The young blood helped the team not only qualify for ELEAGUE Major 2017, but also raise the trophy of Dreamhack Leipzig 2017. electronic is showing fantastic individual results and is a real danger to the opponents in clutch situations. Judge for yourself. Denis won 61 out of 82 clutches — the result is more than terrific. What path will the Russian player's career go, and will he manage to achieve high results in this season?


Nikolaj «niko» Kristensen , 18, Denmark

Team Heroic

Rating: 1,15 (49 maps within the last 3 months)

Achievements: 3-4 Dreamhack Leipzig 2016, 1 place at IGL 2016, 3-4 place at Northern Arena 2016 – Montreal

It's difficult to be an esportsman with such a nickname, since the name of the super star Nikola Kovač is well-known to anyone involved in esport. However, the Danish niko isn't worried about that and plays for Heroic, to which he switched from tRICKED eSport. Until quite recently the roster of Heroic couldn't boast of high results at extra class championships, but IEM Katowice 2017 turned out to be an hour of triumph for the team! Having advanced out of the group taking the first place, the Danes did grab the attention of the whole esports world!


Valdemar «valde» Vangså, 21, Denmark

Team Heroic

Rating: 1,12 (52 maps within the last 3 months)

Achievements: 3-4 Dreamhack Leipzig 2016, 1 place at IGL 2016, 3-4 place at The World Chamionships 2016 (Team Denmark), 1 place at Operation: Kinguin #3

Our list also has another representative of Heroic. Despite the fact that Valdemar is 21 already, it was 2016 when he started showing an absolutely another level of play thus drawing attention of many professional CS:GO players. For example, GuardiaN thinks that the Dane can show something truly spectacular in 2017. And now when the team has made it into the semi-final of IEM Katowice 2017, the Slovak's predictions seem to come true. The player shows his worth in every single match and his individual moves are irreplaceable for team Heroic to achieve new esports heights.


David «frozen» Čerňanský, 14, Slovakia

Team eXtatus

Rating: 1,20 (30 within the last 3 months)

Achievements: 1 place at Czech Championship 2015, 2016, UniCon 2017 and Binary Dragons Cup Season 3.

David started his career on nEophyte the roster of which well-known for you players oskar, Zero and STYKO had left a new months earlier. Being that young frozen began showing unbelievable results. Now he plays for another Czechoslovakian tag — eXtatus, the roster of which is gaining momentum now. 

eXtatus celebrated a victory at the open qualifiers for IEM Katowice and thus locked down a ticket to the decisive qualifiers, but the administration of IEM has disqualified the team for Frozen not being 16 years old. Thus, the esports world got to know such a young Slovakian player and supported him. Will David regain self-possession to continue his career in the future? We'll see!

Patrik «Zero» Žúdel , 18, Slovakia

Team HellRaisers

Rating: 0,90 (18 maps within the last 3 months)

Achievements: 15-16 place at ELEAGUE Major 2017, 2 place at EU Minor Championship, 2 place at Dreamhack Tours 2016, 1 place at Copenhagen Games 2016 and EU Minor Championship Columbus 2016.

Patrik is a representative of the young Slovakian CS school. Having played both 1.6 and Source versions of the game, he switched to CS:GO where he played for Fraternitas. After STYKO and oskar left the team, Zero decided to improve on an individual basis. In January 2016, Patrik started playing for HellRaisers as a stand-in. Having proved himself to be a real clutch master (Zero won 85 one vs one clutches out of 137 situations), the young Slovak is truly a hope of esports Slovakia. 

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