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Fantastic Five: Epic Pro Clutches

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1. NiKo vs Titan

Let's start with a highlight made by Bosnian star NiKo. It was the second season of ESL ESEA Pro League, mouz and Titan were to find the strongest one. The score was even, but the French team's buy seemed much more confident. With a deagle in his hand, armor and a flash, NiKo was alone against five French players. Don't even think he gave up.

2. HiKo vs Sponsorless

We all know Hiko can turn on a berserker mode and come up with something unbelievable. We realized that at the CEVO Season 8 Professional tournament. The opponents from the North American Sponsorless team were about to celebrate a victory in a round when Hiko and his Tec-9 simply went hunting for heads. Look for yourself, do you see his movements? This player is a real terminator.

3. FalleN vs Natus Vincere

It was March 2016 and Luminosity Gaming weren't the champions of the major tournament, but even at the time the team showed a high level of play at IEM Katowice 2016. A semi-final match, the first map. A 12:13 score and the important of this round can hardly be overestimated. Natus Vincere confidently killed the four friends of FalleN, and the Brazilian was the only one left. He got an AWP, though. This is important. It really is. Having got closer to a plant, he planted a bomb at the last second. The Polish audience stood motionless, and so did everyone watching the match through the monitors. Then… Look for yourself.

4. fnx vs Cloud 9

After SK Gaming declined the services of fnx, the Brazilian didn't hang head and joined Immortals. He seems not lacking of motivation now for sure. A Deagle didn't let him down and the heads of Cloud 9 came off. It's really difficult to pull yourself together after such destruction.

5. Ex6TenZ vs Natus Vincere

This highlight took place quite a long ago. It was in 2014, within the lower bracket final of SLTV StarSeries XI. Natus Vincere went up against Titan, and it was tough for the French. Although Na'Vi took the cake with a 16:11 score, the moment when Ex6TenZ read all movements of Natus Vincere and did away with them won't be soon forgotten.

This is where the third episode of the Fantastic Five series ends, and we hope you've liked it! Leave your feedback in the comments below, we'll consider them in the future episodes!

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