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Aleksey «xaoc» Kucherov becomes the HellRaisers CEO

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The new CEO of HellRaisers is Aleksey «xaoc» Kucherov, who's been taking the position of HellRaisers' financial director for the last 1,5 years.

 Aleksey «xaoc» Kucherov's comment:

«Hi everyone. We'll try to please our fans with positive results and communication, the viewers with top CS:GO and, of course, the partners with efficient work as much as possible.

I want to give a special thank for those who always genuinely and emotionally support HellRaisers during the matches — we feel that and we'll do our best to surprise you with only good results in the future».

Aleksey has replaced Maksym Bednarskyi, who’s been at the lead of HellRaisers for the last 2,5 years. A few days ago, he decided to leave the position and move on.

 Maksym Bednarskyi's comment:

«Hello, I'm Maksym Bednarskyi better known as HellRaisers CEO for last 2.5 years. And today I've decided to continue my eSports career elsewhere. First of all I will go to my first vacation since 2014, and after will look for offers at another CSGO or multi gaming organizations for CEO or eSports director position. 

I would like to thank all players with whom I was working for last 2.5 years and of course big thanks to our Staff, when I've started working in HR there were only 3 people (CSGO manager, Dota 2 manager and 1 editor), now our Staff counts more than 15 people besides players. I've hired everyone by myself and hope that each person has grown as a professional and as a person with us !

I wish all the best to the CSGO team and to one of my biggest friends Kirill ANGE1 Karasov. Hope I'll have opportunities to work with Kirill in future!

My decision is not based on latest CSGO team results».

(Maksym Bednarskyi, Aleksey Kucherov, Oleksii Slabukhin, Amiran Rekhviashvili)

We want to thank Maksym for all he's done for the organization and wish him further success both in his career and personal life. We're sure that such professionalism of his will not remain unnoticed. Thank you, Maksym!

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