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HellRaisers sign Dota 2 roster!

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After a year of waiting, we're pleased to announce the names of those playing Dota 2 under the HellRaisers tag!

From now on, the team previously known as Planet Dog is a part of HellRaisers! The players have successfully come through all the qualifiers for The International 2017 and thus will take part in the main tournament of this summer, The International 2017, running from August 2-12!

New roster of   HellRaisers по Dota 2:

  •  Alexei "j4" Lipai (captain)
  •  Milan "MiLAN" Kozomara
  •  Uroš "Swiftending" Galić
  •  Neta "33" Shapira
  •  Greg "Keyser" Kallianiotis

 Alexei "j4" Lipai's comment:

"I'm really excited to be joining HellRaiers as their first Dota team in over a year and to go to The International together for the first time. HR are a great organisation and we both got on really well from our first meeting. We're all looking forward to a long bright future with HR!".

 HellRaisers CEO Aleksey "xaoc" Kucherov's comment:

"A new team is joining the HellRaisers family today. The team that will participate in The International 2017!

Coming through the open qualifiers to the main tournament of the year is not an easy task, but the guys made it. HellRaisers have always appreciated the desire to go forward, not being afraid of any difficulties, so we're glad to see this five under the organization's tag! We'll do our best to organize all the conditions for preparation to make sure the results please our fans! Cheer for HellRaisers in Dota 2!

P.S. For those saying it's only for TI — Challenge Accepted"

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