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SexyBamboe leaves HellRaisers.Dota 2

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 Alaan "SexyBamboe" Faraj is leaving the roster of HellRaisers.Dota 2. During the time spent on the team, Alaan has stood out in the fans' minds for his spectacular plays and the blackest black holes as Enigma, which could make the entire teams disappear,
 SexyBamboe hasn't managed to find his feet in our organization.

The team now is actively testing players and will soon continue fighting in the gaming season.

The roster of  HellRaisers по Dota 2:

  •  Alexei "j4" Lipai (captain)
  •  Neta "33" Shapira
  •  Greg "Keyser" Kallianiotis
  •  Milan "MiLAN" Kozomara
  • TBA

 Alexei "j4" Lipai's comment:

«We've stopped progressing as a team recently, thus it's been decided to make a change.
This patch turned out to be more carry-based than the previous one, and 
 33 wanted to return to the offlane. Consequently, now we're looking for the fifth player who'll take the carry position».


Manager of the team  Ivan "4SV" Karpov's comment:

"Despite decent results,  SexyBamboe hasn't managed to find his feet in the organization.
It led to us having a good mix instead of a team. We're grateful to Alaan for performing under our tag and wish him success in the future

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