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True fan of HellRaisers’ Christmas Pack

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The Christmas holidays are getting closer and we join creating a holiday mood, too. Especially for the true fans, we've prepared a collection of Christmas wallpapers. Moreover, it never hurts to make a couple of fan rituals, either 🙂 Read about those below.

We run our group on Steam, actively update it and keep it clean. So, go subscribe, but relevant posts there aren't the only reason. As soon as you subscribe to our group, you'll be able to put our clan tag HellRaisers and show your enemies the team you cheer for.

In order to do that, go to your CS:GO settings, find the Options tab, and then head to Game Settings. Done? All you have to do now is find the clan tag that is the same as the group's name.

By putting the tag, you can change your profile picture, as well. The made in two colors avatar will suit only your Steam profile but other services and websites, too. The image is clickable, so the size will fit for sure.


By the way, we've also got the most relevent configs of our players. They're successfully performing at the LAN finals right now. In order to install a config of our player, you need to do three simple things:

  1. Download a config located below a player's picture.
  2. Unzip a .cfg file to any place you want.
  3. Put it in the game directory and replace the current one. 


Bear in mind that if you replace your config with our player's config, you won't be able to restore yours. Save your own config in the other folder in order to be able to restore it. We wish you more headshots and good luck!

 ANGE1  ISSAA  DeadFox


 Zero  woxic  standin.FejtZ

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