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Patrik “Zero” Žúdel leaves HellRaisers and becomes a free agent

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Patrik joined the roster in January of 2016. The young Slovak player excellently blended into the team and became a reliable and strong part of HellRaisers.
Unfortunately,  Zero's performance was declining, and neither the team nor the coaching stuff was able to help Patrik out. Patrik decided to take a break to "reboot" and became inactive

Today, we announce a new chapter in life of the unbelivably good and talanted player, Patrik is becoming a free agent and has the right to choose how to continue his esports path on his own. We wish  Zero luck and we're sure that he'll have a bright esports future! A future that now solely depends on himself.

 Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow's comment:

"I'd like to genuinely thank Patrik for the time he's spent in HellRaisers. It's a pity we'll go different roads now, but I'm sure that such a change of conditions will be beneficial for Zero. I wish him to find his new esports home soon and to continue progressing. Everything is still ahead of you!"

Roster of HellRaisers.CS:GO:

  •  Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiow
  •  Bence «DeadFox» Böröcz
  •  Özgür «woxic» Eker
  •  Issa «ISSAA» Murad 
  •  Kristjan «FejtZ» Allsaar (stand-in)
  •  Vlаdуslаv «bondik» Nеchуроrchuk (inactive)

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