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ASUS signs a HellRaisers team

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At the official page of HellRaisers in the social network we got the information that Russian cybersports organization gets the team under its wing on the discipline of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Their title partner is ASUS Russia. Despite the Ukrainian roots of HellRaisers ClanTag, and the Russian origin of current organization, project and the roster in the near future will be using the flag of the CIS as a symbol of unity.

 Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiov
«Hi everyone! We are very happy to obtain a home, that is especially important in anticipation of the EMS One Katowice tournament.  We are very grateful to ASUS company, the reliability and quality of its products is well known by us for a years. I am sure with such support we will reveal our full potential and will return our former glory. Thanks to all who supported us and continues to do so!»

Vladislav Zakharov,
marketing manager of ASUS Russia
«Counter-Strike: Global Offensive» – one of the most popular disciplines. HellRaisers – is a dream team, where gathered the best players of post-soviet space on «Counter-Strike». We, ASUS Company, really glad to unite the best Russian-speaking players under the flag of CIS. To make the best products – is in the spirit of ASUS, and we truly believe, that the accumulated experience of cybersportsmen will allow ASUS to come to a new level. Gaming accessories: keyboards, headphones, mouses – are very new to ASUS, but together with HellRaisers we can make them more qualitative and convenient, because nothing is better than products for gamers, made by gamers themselves!»

Team  HellRaisers:
  •  Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiov
  •  Emil «kUcheR» Akhundov
  •  Mihail «Dosia» Stolyarov
  •  Yegor «markeloff» Markelov
  •  Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev
Cheer for HellRaisers!