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ESL Pro League Season 9 Format Changes

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The battle for a spot in the finals of the prestigious league will now be even more interesting!

The ninth season of ESL Pro League will run from April 12 of 2019. After negotiations with the World Esports Association, the ESL and the teams have decided to change the current format of the league.

Starting in 2019, the ESL Pro League will take place in Europe, Americas and Asia. Each of the regions will include sixteen teams, which will be divided into four groups based on the ESL World Ranking. Matches in the European and American regions will be played offline, while the teams from the Asia-Pacific region will continue to compete online.

All matches in the European region will be played at the ESL studio in the United Kingdom.

The season will consist of two group rounds

  • Round one: four groups of four teams with the winners advancing to ESL Pro League Season 9: Finals. Teams, finishing second and third, will advance to the next round.
  • Round two: two groups of four teams with the two best teams from each group advancing to the final of the season.

There will be eight teams from Europe in the ninth season of the ESL Pro League.