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HellRaisers close Rainbow Six:Siege Division

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On September 24, 2021, Hellraisers signed the Rainbow Six: Siege list of esports disciplines. During the performance under the tag, the Hellraisers players took second place in the European Challenger League 2021 and became champions of the Russian Major League season 7.

Now our paths are diverging, but we wish the team good luck in further performances at the Rainbow Six: Siege competition stage.

Comment by the CEO of Hellraisers Aldar “Jamba” Jambinov:

Today we announce that our paths with the Rainbow 6 line-up are diverging. For the Hellraisers and me in particular, it was an invaluable experience working with a new discipline. The team has fulfilled most of its goals. The guys won the Russian Major League S7, interrupting the hegemony of Team Empire in this tournament; they got into the relegation stage of the European Professional League.

Yes, we lacked quite a bit to achieve our cherished goal, but we do not get upset, because if one door is closed, then another will surely open. We part with the players on a positive note.
I want to thank the guys for everything and wish them good luck next season!