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HellRaisers.CS:GO Gets a New Coach

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Today, we announce that  HellRaisers.CS:GO has acquired a new coach,  Alexander “Lk-” Lemeshev.

Alexander began his esports career back in 2009. In CS: Source and CS:GO,  Lk- played for well-known CIS region tags such as   USSR RuSh3D,  ANOX, and  zNation, and also was the CS:GO team manager at  Vega Squadron from 2016 to 2019. Alexander Lemeshev is now entering a new stage of his esports career as he joins HR. We’re sure Alexander will do his best to make the team stronger.

 HellRaisers.CS:GO‘s first game with the new coach will take place at ESL Pro League Season 10: Europe on October 17.


 Alexander ‘Lk-‘ Lemeshev’s comment:
First of all, I want to thank HellRaisers for this opportunity! I’m excited and motivated to realize my full potential in this new role. We’ve got a great team here where everybody knows what he’s supposed to do to achieve his aims. I can’t wait for the upcoming tournaments which will be kind of like entrance exams for us. Cheer for and believe in us as we really do need your support!


 CEO Alex ‘Magician’ Slabukhin’s comment:
Our first LAN tournament with me as the CEO was WePlay where HR faced Vega. I remember how Alexander and I were watching our teams compete together. It was great, and there was literally no pressure involved despite us being opponents at the time. This is when I thought how nice it would be to work with Lk-, and the time has come!

HellRaisers.CS:GO Lineup:

Kirill ‘ANGE1‘ Karasiow
Žygimantas ‘nukkye‘ Chmieliauskas
Vadim ‘Flarich‘ Karetin
Igor ‘crush‘ Shevchenko
Alexander ‘scoobyxie‘ Marynych
 Alexander “Lk-” Lemeshev. (coach)