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HellRaisers.Dota2 Announce New Roster

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Today we announce changes on our Dota 2 lineup. Nikita “Elmo” Lomalin, Pavel “bowbowbow” Mostakov, and Oleg “sayuw” Kalenbet are leaving the team. The new players are going to be Arslan “xannii” Shadjanov, Georgiy “Gilgir” Svistunov, and Gleb “Funn1k” Lipatnikov.

xannii played for Vega Squadron and Team UniqueGilgir was a member of DreamEaters, and Funn1k was part of such well-known teams as The Retry, DTSNatus Vincere, and Team Empire.

We believe in this lineup and can’t wait for their first official match, which will take place soon in the qualifiers for Hainan Master Spring Invitational.

 CEO  Alex “Magician” Slabukhin’s comment:

“We fell just short of making it to the Minor in the previous qualifiers. Many were upset, but we didn’t give up. Throughout January, we’ve been putting together a lineup and trying different players, which was mostly on Nix, who I fully trust. The roster comprises both experienced guys (Funn1k and xannii) and new blood (Gilgir, coach Accell).
Our first games will begin tomorrow. Keep an eye out for more info about the lineup on our YouTube channel”.

HellRaisers.Dota2 Lineup:

Alexander “Nix” Levin
Arslan “xannii” Shadjanov

Gleb “Funn1k” Lipatnikov

Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naidenov
Georgiy “Gilgir” Svistunov
 Aleksandr «Accell» Litvinenko (coach)