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We continue working with MAZDA to make even more content for you in 2021. More than 155 world-wide media outlets have written about our partnership with MAZDA.

To successfully integrate the brand into esports, HellRaisers focused on video content: we talked about different MAZDA’s car models on our YouTube channel, MAZDA’s logo appeared on our jerseys during the official games and the players’ personal Twitch streams. The brand also took part in several giveaways and activities on social media.

During the three months of this partnership, HellRaisers have test driven five MAZDA models and made six videos. We reached more than 6 million users, with our partnership collaborations reaching 1,7 million contacts on social media as well.gl

Head of Marketing and PR of the official MAZDA importer in Ukraine Tatiana Sheremet’s comment:

We’ve never collaborated with esports before, but thanks to this we’ve been able to reach an audience of thousands even during quarantine. We’re the first car brand in Ukraine to have done this, but it’s the ones willing to risk that get the best results.

Development Director Tatiana Kuzmenko’s comment:

This is an important partnership not just for Mazda and HellRaisers, but for the market in general. In the first 3 months, we focused on video content and introduced the brand to our fans. We’ll keep engaging our audience in new projects, which we’re already working on. We’re very glad to see our partner satisfied with the results and ready for further cooperation.

HellRaisers started cooperating with the official MAZDA distributor and importer in Ukraine in October 2020. This was the first integration of a car brand into an esports team’s content in Ukraine.