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HellRaisers New Partner

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HellRaisers have partnered up with GT, a Ukrainian manufacturer of gaming and office chairs. Our plan is to create lots of video content and reviews, as well as integrate the brand in our bootcamps and tournaments.

Tatiana Kuzmenko, HellRaisers’ Director of Business Development:

“We’re excited to work with brands not directly related to esports, as well as those whose audience is similar to ours. This is an important category for us, and thanks to our new partners, HellRaisers’ long practice sessions will now be as comfortable as possible.” 

Olga Vasilenko, GT’s Marketing Specialist:

“Our brand has a big audience from amateurs and professional players to people who spend lots of hours at the computer every day and value their comfort. We’re glad to support a Ukrainian esports club and development of the industry in general.”